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Seeking the best vape brand in Dubai online? The Vampire Vape and Riot salt which is the leading vape brand in Dubai is now offering the opportunity for you to have an exceptional vaping session if you’re new to this trend. But many of the e-liquid suppliers claim their products as the finest ones by praising the superiority of their services. 

The best vape brand in Dubai

Therefore, you may have to consider a variety of factors that may differ across individuals when determining which vape brand is best for you. Regarding all of those factors, Vampire vape is without a doubt one of the best vape in Dubai and offers some unique flavours to boost your vaping experience.


1. Bubblegum:

The flavour profile of bubblegum e-liquid by Riot Salt is a powerful fruity blend with a sweet candy undertone. This e-liquid by Vampire Vape is a sensational flavour amongst young vaping enthusiasts that has a strong bubblegum flavour with traces of strawberry and banana. New vapers will appreciate how smooth and easy-going this 10ml e-liquid is to inhale which makes it one of the best vape brands in Dubai. 

vape brand in Dubai

Bubblegum 10ml e-liquid has been formulated for mouth-to-lung vape kits, such as pod kits and vape starter kits that offer nicotine levels ranging from 0 mg to 18 mg. The VG content for the 0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, and 18 mg variants is 40 percent, while the VG concentration for the 3 mg edition is 50 per cent. This line of e-liquid from Vampire Vape UAE is among the most highly sought-after e-liquids available today. Finding the ideal e-liquid is now simpler than ever according to your preferences and needs.

2. Caramel Crunch:

This is one of the highly regarded flavours from one of the best vape brands in Dubai as it is an exclusive e-liquid for all the dessert fans who will adore the sweet, buttery flavour of Caramel Crunch e-liquid. Your mouth will be left with a sweetened nutty taste after a creamy toffee assortment and a mild butterscotch flavour that has been expertly blended around each other. Caramel Crunch e-liquid is offered in a variety of popular strengths for those who prefer a gentler pull with lower nicotine levels or a harder throat hit in the higher strengths.

Vape Brands In Dubai

Every vape of this best vape brand in Dubai e-liquid is accompanied by a sweet and creamy flavour. For a smooth-tasting, layered vape, the rich blend of caramel, butterscotch, and toffee is present throughout. The concentration of nicotine levels is between 0 mg and 18 mg. The 40 per cent VG concentration is offered in the 0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, and 18 mg variants, while the 50 per cent VG concentration is offered in the 3 mg version.

3. Pear Drops:

Ignite your taste receptors with this irresistibly sweet blend that mimics the sugary banana and pear flavours of the delectable hard-boiled treats with a somewhat sour undertone from this best vape brand in Dubai. Moreover, the flavours of the banana and pear in this e-liquid combine to create a powerful flavour with a sour component that enhances the delicious fruit sensations. It’s just another flavour that brings back memories of your favourite candy sensation as a child. 

vape brands in dubai

This e-liquid is available in nicotine strengths of 0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, and 18 mg with a 40 per cent VG concentration, while the 3 mg variant has a 50 per cent VG concentration.


Vampire and Cherry fizzle by Riot salt  Vape Abu Dhabi is known as one of the best vape brands in UAE, and it is working to draw in more customers who are eager to experience a memorable vaping session. By quickly satisfying the demands and expectations of vape aficionados, the flavours aimed to ignite the vaping market. As one of the best vape brands in Dubai, the flavours of Vampire Vape Iran has over the years evolved into a trusted and reliable vaping brand with astonishing worldwide appeal!




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